About us


UB-CARE S.r.l. is an official academic spin-off of the University of Pavia, born from the desire of a group of researchers, professors and graduate students to spread in the market their scientific knowledge gained through years of experience in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical area.

The team has a strong background in various fields of scientific research (cellular and molecular biology, tumor biology, cell cycle, inflammation, immunology, recombinant proteins and antibodies), and its strength is the ability to apply this knowledge to address and solve the demands and needs of the society and of the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and bio-medical markets, with particular regard to the biosafety issues , of pivotal importance in the daily lives of persons.

Thanks to academic origin, our company is oriented towards innovation, to increase the relationships between research centers and therefore to introduce in the industrial world of the field the results obtained by the scientific research.

In particular, because of the new EU ban to animal testing in laboratories, only two types of tests are now allowed in cosmetics to ensure safety prior to marketing of a product: those on men the in vitro ones. The latter type of analysis is constantly spreading in a more significant manner due to the high standards of reliability and to a greater safety for general health.

UB-CARE aims to work in the research and development of new in vitro methods alternative to animal experiments for testing cosmetic products, their raw materials, medical devices and food products, including their supplements, in order to define the safety for the health of  the final user.

It is, therefore, an important area in the life sciences, directed to the definition of the biosafety of products  constantly put in the market.