From the date of its approval as a spin-off from the University of Pavia, UB-CARE S.r.l. has achieved a number of important goals:

March 2015

UB-CARE is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with SOCRI, a company structured in:

• “Ingredients”, dedicated to the distribution of raw materials and natural active ingredients and to the development of finished products for the professional and retail cosmetic industry, in full compliance with green practices .

• “Professional Solutions”, dedicated to support the customer with a 360 degrees consulting service, from the development of a semi-finished product to the support to bring a solution on the market, up from the idea to the design of a product. This in a wide range of areas, such as marketing, processing, manufacture, packaging and communication.

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December 2014

articolo-newsUB-CARE is one of the winners of the “ Premio Impresa Innovativa “, organized by the Camera di Commercio of Pavia. Thanks to the activity of innovation and research is delivered, in December 2014, a gold medal of the issue chamber accompanied by a certificate of recognition. A cash prize was also awarded under the category “Giovani” at the two administrators of the company, Maccario Cristina and Sabrina Sommatis, who have had firsthand a significant role in the implementation of innovation in the company;

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September 2013

In September 2013, UB-CARE S.r.l. has qualified among the five finalists in the Life-science area in the business competition Start Cup Milano Lombardia, ending the competition in the third place out of 91 participants, presenting a business idea focused on the ALLERPRED device;

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July 2013

ARTICOLO_bARTICOLO_cIn July 2013, UB-CARE S.r.l. has ranked second out of 50 participants in the “Call to support new business projects of innovative nature” sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Pavia for the year 2013, presenting a project called “Development of  methods alternative to in vivo testing for the evaluation of safety in cosmetics”;

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June 2013

ARTICOLO_AIn the field of innovation, the founding members of UB-CARE own a registered Italian patent n. MI2013A001094 on the method and the device ALLERPRED, a method useful to identify potential reactions of contact dermatitis to cosmetics and substances for skin care, avoiding the application of the substance itself to the skin of the person;


Year 2013

UB-CARE S.r.l. has also taken part in several other initiatives and calls, including the Gaetano Marzotto Prize, a Speed ​​matching and an InnoCentive Challenge concerning research projects focused on the understanding of the molecular basis of human skin ageing.